Steckpuzzle Jigsaw Puzzle

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Release date: January 19, 2021

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Language: English, German

Production company: Burning Fox Games

Price: 0,69€ (Android), 1,09 € (iOS)

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In this varied jigsaw puzzle game, children can freely choose between nine puzzle sets. Through a child-friendly handling via drag & drop, the jigsaw puzzle can be solved inde-pendently. Incorrect puzzle pieces automatically return to their starting point and if the child has solved the puzzle correctly, there is a shower of stars with background music as positive reinforcement. The next jigsaw puzzle is started automatically after a short break and is cre-ated by a random generator, so that the child always receives a new puzzle.

The digital jigsaw puzzle game is specially designed for toddlers and trains fine motor skills. In addition, children learn to recognize different objects and distinguish their shapes. They can also get in touch with numbers and letters for the first time.


  • Nine high-quality puzzle sets: Childs can choose from nine different puzzle set, including animals, vehicles, dinosaurs, numbers and letters.
  • Independent play for toddlers: The app is designed so that child´s can play the game independently and is positively empowered by sound and effects.
  • Random generator for individual puzzles: A random generator automatically creates a new puzzle in different combinations after each game.
  • Foster childs through play: The app is aimed at toddlers and trains fine motor skills. Besides, children learn to know different objects and learn to recognize their shapes.
  • Without advertising and in-app purchases: For an undisturbed, child-friendly and safe gameplay, we refrain from advertising and in-app purchases in our puzzle.
  • Simple and child-friendly handling: Simple menu navigation with icons and drag & drop functions focus on child-friendly and suitable for the age of the child.


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